Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weigh In Day

A loss of 1.1 kg this week. Thats a good start to my weekend :) Feeling more and more confident for bathers!!! Just need to keep working on my tan and ill be out flaunting my stuff in no time! Haha.

Also started the C25k yesterday...Havent been this excited about working out in a longgggg time. Downloaded the app for it onto my iphone so I can play my own music but it gives me cues on when to walk and run. Best idea. Better run...gotta get ready for work and staying in the city tonight


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Weekend

Heading out friday night on the town for a girls night. With 2 of my Is a model and the other one just as gorgeous. Hopefully I can put a hot outfit together...but worried how I will feel next to them. I'm sure after a couple of wines all will be fine :) Just need to make sure I consume hardly any points to make up for dinner and drinks friday night. I hope I look good and have a good night. Just imagining how I will feel at my goal weight...AMAZING!!!!!!!

Getting inspired

Day 2 of my blog and I have set myself some homework. I have been browsing the internet getting some the form of pictures and quotes. Everytime I have cravings etc I have these on my iphone to distract me and help me to say no to the bad food.

Now...let me give you an insight into me. Thankyou to my followers and its great looking at your blogs for inspiration etc. Now...I have always been a size 14, but I have never been overweight. My BMI has always been in the healthy range. It wasn't until this year, well actually late last year when I was hit with chronic fatigue that my body went downhill. All of my muscles detiriated, i was forever tired, sleeping a hell of a lot, couldnt exercise, all of my joints were very swollen, rheumatic arthitis conditions, trouble walking because of this, i had awful sugar cravings and the list goes on. This year has been a really difficult one for me. At the age of 20, it has really set me back and i havent exactly been living the life of a 20 yr old this year. After seeing hundreds of docs, specialists etc i was finally diagnosed in july. Because my body was so rundown, it also had very low levels of iron, vitamin d and human growth hormone. human growth hormone is an essential hormone that keeps you insides were those of a 60 yr olds and my human growth hormone was terribly low. Because of this, my body thinks it older than it is...therefore i have cellulite, loss of elasticity etc. I am on this powder to help it though...and a hundred other natural pills. Anyway so from all of this, lack of exercise, being on cortisone for 6 months and the rest my body is the worst it has ever been and i have never felt worse about myself. i have always liked the way i look, i have always wanted to improve my weight and be thinner but apart from that i have always been a confident girl. So, I am finally on the road to recovery, I seem to be getting alot better, the only thing is my weight. I am the heaviest I have ever been. And this is why I joined weight watchers and jumped onto this blog!

So there you go...that is me in a nutshell!

Some pics I have sourced for inspiration are above. I have also been reading eat right for your blood type. It sounds really legit. except i dont know what blood type I am. So im going to forget about that for now and just keep eating healthily and stick within my points on weight watchers. I read everyones blogs and posts on ww and I hear all about their exercising and going to the gym etc and I think ahhhh I wish that was me! Exercise for me is super difficult at the moment due to my chronic fatigue, but my goal is to powerwalk for at least 30 min everyday.
I am also freaking out as Im off overseas in 2 weeks where Ill be in bathers 24/7...and I feel so uncomfortable in my bathers at the moment. But then I just tell myself its least you are doing something about it. I cant wait for the day i can slide into little bikins...walk down the beach and feel proud. One day! Im hoping for summer next year. That would be such a fabulous feeling...and being able to wear anything and still look fantastic. Hot.
Ok well thats me for now.
Weight today: 84
Goodbye xx

My very first blog

Ok so here goes

This is a blog about my weight loss journey. I recently joined weight watchers online, and as I am not attending meetings i thought it would be a good idea to start blogging, also I have a feeling I will be more successful in my weight loss journey if I create a blog.

So here it is

I joined weight watchers having felt for many years now that I have so much potential, I have a great face and a nice body...although if I lost weight...and hopefully I will...I think I would look fabulous. Its all about me wanting to be the very best I can be. Ever since hitting puberty I have always been a size 14....I want to get down to at least a size ten as I havent been this size in years and as I am a big lover in fashion I want to make the most of my passion and be able to wear whatever I like and not have to worry if I look fat in it. With Summer just around the corner, I thought what a great time to start......Im looking to lose around 15 kilos.....and I really hope I can do it.

Today, Not a good day at all. I get really bad cravings and I dont know how to say no. Today i had a shocking craving for icecream so after work i went and bought an ice cream, only to log on to weight watchers later on and finding out that i had just consumed nine points and totally gone over my points for the day...and this was before dinner! Shocking...I was so ashamed and angry at myself. And I wanted to lose weight before the weekend and that has just totally gone out the window. This week has been so bad I have put on weight and I am so ashamed of myself. I really hope tomorrow is a brand new my day, my week, my month, my year and the rest of my life. It is time i put myself first, realised my potential, went with it and made myself proud. I am just so sick of feeling like this...when I could be feeling on top of the world. I believe my quality of like would be ten times better also.

Anyway that is all for today.
I will check back in tomorrow

SoMuchPotential x